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Feb 4 - Feb 4

PHONE: 781-326-7626



From February 1-4, Showcase Cinemas invites you to BTS: Yet to Come. Join RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook for a special cinematic cut, re-edited and remixed for the big screen.  


Watch new close-up angles and a whole new view of the entire concert, BTS: Yet to Come in Busan. Featuring hit songs from across the group's career, including "Dynamite," "Butter" and "IDOL," plus the first concert performance of "Run BTS" from the group's latest album Proof! 


The following Showcase Cinemas locations are celebrating this exciting moment for BTS fans:  


MA: Showcase Cinema de Lux Hanover Crossing, Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place, Showcase Cinema de Lux, Showcase Cinema de Lux Lowell, Showcase Cinema de Lux Patriot Place, Showcase Cinema de Lux North Attleboro, Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph, Showcase de Lux Woburn, Showcase Cinema de Lux  


RI: Providence Place Cinemas 16 and IMAX, Showcase Cinema de Lux 


NY: Blackstone Valley 14 Cinema de Lux, Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas, Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas, Showcase Cinema de Lux Farmingdale, Showcase Cinema de Lux Broadway, Island 16: Cinema de Lux, Jamacia Multiplex Cinemas, City Center 15 Cinema de Lux, College Point Multiplex Cinemas, Showcase Cinema de Lux Ridge Hill 


OH: Showcase Cinema de Lux Springdale 


To purchase tickets please visit https://www.showcasecinemas.com/film-info/bts-yet-to-come-in-cinemas. Let's have fun! 


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