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Mar 31 - Apr 2

PHONE: 617-824-8400

TIME: 08:00 pm



Everything left unsaid casts a shadow.

Raphaëlle Boitel began her career as a young girl when she and her family ran away to join the circus. A mesmerizing contortionist and aerialist, Ben Brantley of The New York Times first noticed her in 2008, calling her performance “truly ravishing.” When she premiered her show When Angels Fall in Boston in 2019, it became a word-of-mouth sensation, with audiences spellbound and jaws dropped as her surreal, beautiful world darkly bloomed on stage. Now Boitel returns with a brand new vision, exploring the human psyche with Shadows Cast.

Family represents the ultimate cocoon where we seek protection from a very young age. But what if this cocoon is also where we find trauma? What goes unsaid? These secrets and unspoken truths become like ghosts hiding in the shadows of ourselves and our families. A potent mix of dance, circus and cinema, Shadows Cast is a journey into one’s most intimate thoughts, highlighting the perilous dangers of lying to ourselves and others. Drawing inspiration from cinematic visionaries like David Lynch, Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock, this triumphant return to Boston from director/performer Raphaëlle Boitel promises to find light in the shadows and the truths in the unspoken, all while delivering a visual feast for the eyes.

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