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Apr 26 - Apr 30

PHONE: 617-824-8400

TIME: 07:30 pm



One artist’s journey along the Trail of Tears.

From Cherokee performance artist and activist DeLanna Studi comes And So We Walked, a frank, heartwarming and inspiring one-woman show illuminating and reckoning with one of the darkest corners of American history. In Studi’s story, a contemporary Cherokee woman and her father embark on an incredible 900-mile journey along the Trail of Tears to truly understand her own identity and the conflicts of her nation. Recounting the six-week journey, which retraced the path her great-great grandparents took in the 1830s during the forced relocation of 17,000 Cherokee from their homelands, becomes a powerful, multi-faceted dramatic memoir that draws on extraordinary interviews, historical research, and the artist’s personal experience to convey the complexities and conflicts with which the Cherokee wrestle.

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