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Dec 8

66 Marlborough Street
Boston, MA 02116

PRICE: Tickets are $49, $38 or $27 with $5 off for students and seniors.

PHONE: 617-427-8200

TIME: 04:00 am



The critically acclaimed Chameleon Arts Ensemble brings together imagination, poetry and invention with a sumptuous chamber music program exploring the hazy intersections between sleeping and waking, life and dreams. Robert Schumann’s much-loved E-flat Major Piano Quartet is an exhilarating reflection of humanity in all its complexity and contradiction and Gabriel Fauré’s song cycle, La chanson d'Ève, reveals the Garden of Eden with its sensual delights. Alongside these classics are Helen Grime’s evocation of the harvest moon, Luna for flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, piano and percussion; and Theo Verbey’s celestial Four Preludes to Infinity for oboe and strings.

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