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Mar 3

265 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02116

PRICE: Program and ticket prices are subject to change. See Celebrity Series website for current ticket info.

PHONE: 617-482-6661

TIME: 08:00 pm



Since 2004 Circa has been at the frontier of a new vision of circus arts—creating powerful works that challenge, thrill and delight. Featuring an ensemble of multi-skilled artists under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz, Circa’s award-winning works have been seen in 34 countries across six continents. A powerfully emotive work inspired by the 19th letter of the alphabet, “S” is sinuous, seductive, sophisticated, sensual and savage. “S” will fill the stage with the raw immediacy of performers at their physical and emotional limits. Presented by Celebrity Series of Boston.

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