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May 19

66 Marlborough Street
Boston, MA 02116

PRICE: Tickets are $47, $36 or $25 with $5 off for students and seniors.

PHONE: 617-427-8200

TIME: 08:00 pm


The resonance of history fills Chameleon Arts Ensemble’s 20th anniversary season finale: music of striking vitality and originality that looks both forward and back, and one of the most joyful and celebratory works in the repertoire: Felix Mendelssohn’s own Op. 20 – The Octet. The program also includes Benjamin Britten’s Lachrymae "Reflections on a Song of Dowland” for viola and piano, Op. 48; Colin Matthew’s Fantazia 13 after Purcell for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano; Marc-Andre Dalbavie’s reflections on a 16th century madrigal by Gesualdo, Palimpseste for flute, clarinet, string trio, and piano; and Igor Stravinsky’s homage to Tchaikovsky, Divertimento from “The Fairy’s Kiss” for violin and piano.

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