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Apr 21

301 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


PRICE: See website for pricing: http://celebrityseries.org/ma_meyer_thile/index.htm

TIME: 08:00 pm



A collaboration forged when the three performed as part of the Goat Rodeo Sessions bears fruit in a superb evening of the music of J.S. Bach. MacArthur Grant winners, world-renowned stars, supremely gifted artists — think of them however you like, this concert is about witnessing three master musicians at the peak of their powers. A must see!


"Ma held the measure of Bach’s ... dance movements and unfolded them ... in a way that was intellectually satisfying and heartfelt."—THE GUARDIAN


"... but so agile is Meyer's playing ... That [Bach's] music speaks to us without impediment." —GRAMOPHONE


"... Bach’s Partita in B minor, which [Thile] played in its entirety: a revelatory reading, poignant and exuberant by turns."—NEW YORK TIMES

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