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Mar 3

30 Gainsborough St
Boston, MA 02115


PRICE: See website for pricing and ticket information: http://celebrityseries.org/philharmonia/index.htm

TIME: 08:00 pm



Hailed as "four of the best" by the British press after their debut at Wigmore Hall in London over two decades ago, the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin has celebrated a critically acclaimed career, establishing itself among the world's premier string quartets with 20-plus years of international concerts and a large and diverse discography.



HAYDN - Quartet in G Major, Opus 64, No. 4, Hob.III:66

BEETHOVEN - Quartet in B-flat Major, Opus 18, No. 6

SCHUMANN - Quartet in A minor, Opus 41, No. 1


“The Berlin orchestra is famous, in part, for its strings, which produce a warm, plush sound with a unique sense of legato. The quartet reproduces this sonic profile in miniature, and its smooth, rounded tone also brings distant reminders of Vienna’s famed Alban Berg Quartett.” —BOSTON GLOBE

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