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Mar 29 - Apr 7

PRICE: $10–92.50

PHONE: 617-824-8400

TIME: 08:00 pm - 03:30 pm



Mrs. Krishnan is renting an apartment to larger-than-life DJ, James. James has invited a few friends into the back room of Mrs. Krishnan’s corner shop as a special surprise to celebrate Onam—an ancient Hindu festival of Kerala that celebrates rice harvest—and the return home of her son. But when dozens and dozens of strangers turn up (you, the audience), Mrs. K has no choice but to throw the party of her life! This is an immersive experience like no other; join the party with music, dancing and more. Watch as the cast juggles cooking, music and welcoming guests in an unfolding drama where no two performances are ever the same. Performers Kalyani Nagarajan and Justin Rogers have reviewers and audiences singing their praises and leaping to their feet in appreciation at the end of the party.

From Indian Ink Theatre Company comes this utterly disarming new comedy that celebrates life, death and rebirth. It’s joyous. It’s heart-warming. It’s Mrs. Krishnan’s Party.

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