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May 17 - May 21

559 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02115

PHONE: 617-824-8400

TIME: 07:30 pm



An entrancing musical, philosophical defense of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.

Protest. Legal gathering. World making. Nehanda explores the legend of Nehanda, a powerful spirit venerated by the Shona people—native of Zimbabwe and central Mozambique—who inhabits only women. nora chipaumire, the visionary creative artist/performer behind this genre-bending musical performance, once described Nehanda as “a Zimbabwean Joan of Arc.” Using the 1896 case “Regina v NIANDA” to inform the libretto, this new opera features musical forms, melodies, and instruments that wholly subvert the form—think: turntables, Ngoma drums and samples of field recordings. With the electric charge of a political rally and the power of a ritual, Nehanda weaves together a powerful portrait of anti-colonial resistance.

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