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Aug 30 - Aug 30

185 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA 02111

PHONE: 617-375-9700

TIME: 08:00 am - 03:00 pm



This summer in Boston, come chill with Elemental Beverage Company at its pop-up café offering a new cold coffee experience with its signature Snapchilled coffees.

Elemental Snapchilled™ Coffee is a ready-to-drink canned, chilled, single-origin coffee, available in three varieties from Kayanza, Burundi; Kolla Bolcha, Ethiopia; and San Alejo, Colombia. No ice, no dilution, no oxidation. Just fresh, hot-brewed coffee that preserves and amplifies flavor made icy-cold in under 60 seconds.

Elemental Beverage Company’s Snapchilled Coffee features its groundbreaking, patented Snapchill™ Technology. A revolution in the world of cold coffee, it merges cutting-edge thermodynamics with heat exchange technology to capture the essence of hot brewed coffee at its peak. The undiluted pleasure of Elemental Snapchilled Coffee redefines cold coffee by preserving aromas and tasting notes never before experienced.

Enjoy this unique coffee experience near the Rose Kennedy Greenway Carousal at 185 Kneeland Street.

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