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Sep 25 - Sep 25

PRICE: https://artsemerson.org/Online/default.asp?sToken=1%2C049dffd2%2C5d025ae7%2C04CF22C6-181F-412B-8B1A-FB865D974FA7%2C11QPI49ftlrumxs6Nuy89FvGcSA%3D&BOset::WScontent::SearchResultsInfo::current_page=1&doWork::WScontent::getPage=&BOparam::WScontent::getPage::article_id=306013B5-0B61-4802-9DF3-234816F1D64F#tickets

PHONE: 617-824-8400

TIME: 07:30 pm - 09:30 pm



The 7 Fingers’ electrifying and heart-stirring mix of circus, music and dance has made them fan favorites at ArtsEmerson. That’s why we’re so excited to bring Montreal’s famed company back to Boston for its seventh engagement—and this time, it's a new, thrilling journey. Speeding through, up and over the shifting landscapes of our lives, Passengers reminds us that we always have somewhere we’ve got to go, but often don’t know where we’re headed or who we’ll meet along the way. Climb aboard and take an unforgettable ride that will engage your imagination, pull at your heartstrings and remind you what it’s like to find wonder and beauty in all situations.

Past productions by The 7 Fingers include Reversible (2017/18), Cuisine & Confessions (2016/17), Traces (2014/15), Sequence 8 (2012/13) and PSY (2010/11).

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