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Jun 8 - Jun 8

PRICE: $37.50 per person

TIME: 05:00 pm - 08:00 pm



Join us for a Maryland Crab Feast where guests can indulge in crab-focused appetizers and a crab feast with all the fixin's. Get ready to get messy! For the first time ever, this event coincides with the release of the Gordon’s Smoke Shop BBQ collaboration Barrel #50 private rye. Be the first to taste an exclusive collaboration between The Smoke Shop BBQ, Sagamore Spirit and Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors.

What to experience?

• The exclusive release of our first ever private rye collaboration.

What to drink?

• A welcome cocktail

• Tastes from Barrel #50

• Entire bar is open for additional beverage purchases

What to eat?

• Appetizers: crab-stuffed pretzel bites, crab salad on cornbread croutons, asparagus hush puppies with Old Bay aioli, crab-stuffed ABTs.

• Maryland crab feast (old-school style) with cornbread, corn on the cob, sweet and spicy coleslaw, and Kenny’s butter cake.

Entry fee:

Your ticket includes the rye tasting, a special welcome cocktail and the Maryland crab dinner. Ticket also includes tax and gratuity.

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