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Jul 15 - Jul 15

PRICE: $70 for non-members| $49 for BCAE members |$20 for materials

PHONE: 617-443-0800

TIME: 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm



On Monday, July 15, The Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) hosts Balani Chef Dave Becker in its kitchen. As the owner of Sweet Basil, Juniper and most recently Balani, Becker loves to entertain and is no stranger to experimenting with innovative flavors, all of which he’s excited to share. Chef Becker recently released his third cookbook Juniper: A Quasi Mediterranean Restaurant and showcases three featured recipes that incorporate unexpected flavor elements to well-known recipes. He also shares his secrets to creating aesthetically pleasing dishes that are sure to wow any party guests. Students work as sous chefs in real-time, and then sit and dine with Chef Becker when dinner is complete. This is the perfect class to help guests prepare for their summer events and seasonal parties with friends and family. To buy tickets or for more information, please visit https://bcae.org/product/show-stopping-party-foods-with-balanis-chef-dave-becker-7-15-2019.


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