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Nov 4

PRICE: Seating for this performance is limited. Program and ticket prices are subject to change. See Celebrity Series website for details.

PHONE: 6174822595

TIME: 03:00 pm



Founded by Rafael Palacios in 1997, Sankofa Danzafro is an exciting company from Colombia, the country with the second largest Afro-descent population found in Latin America. Sankofa means, “to return to the root,” an African philosophy that proposes that the past is a keyhole through which to view the present, and to consider the future—a spirit that guides the work of this Afro-Colombian dance company. The company’s The City of Others examines issues of wealth, gender, sexual orientation, and lack of opportunity affecting minority communities in Colombia, and showcases powerful Afro-Colombian and Afro-contemporary dance with live drumming and singing. Presented by Celebrity Series of Boston.

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