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Jul 12 - Jul 12

PRICE: General Admission: $15 https://www.showcasecinemas.com/movie/muse-drones-world-tour

TIME: 07:30 pm



Prepare to be amazed by the English rock band, Muse! Formed in 1994, the world renowned, multi-platinum selling, and multi-award-winning band took a journey on their 130+ show “Drones” World Tour in 2015-16. Performed “in the round” from the center of the arena, with the stage design and configuration giving fans a full 360-degree audio/visual experience, the tour was a stand-out for all in attendance. Showcase Cinemas Event Cinemas is giving you the opportunity to experience it! Reserve your seats now at https://www.showcasecinemas.com/movie/muse-drones-world-tour and visit your local Showcase on July 12 to re-live the concert on the big screen!

Showcase Cinemas Event Cinema expands the movie-going experience beyond the latest blockbuster films and brings alternative content to the big screen including a wide range of compelling and unique live and recorded entertainment. 

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