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Apr 14

PRICE: Tickets: $25.00 (Under 18 admitted free)

TIME: 03:00 pm



Saturday, April 14, 2018 • 3 PM

First Church in Cambridge, Congregational

11 Garden Street (Next to the Sheraton Commander)

A special short program geared toward families with children, with many participatory elements: singing, dancing, coloring. The whole family will enjoy an engaging assortment of songs and dances from 15th- and 16th-century Spain performed by a colorful array of musicians: six singers, a five-part Renaissance violin consort, two vihuelas, percussion, and a pair of dancers.

Doors and box office open at 2:30 PM.

Blue Heron:

Margot Rood, Martin Near, Jason McStoots, Mark Sprinkle, Sumner Thompson, Paul Guttry, voices

Scott Metcalfe, Johanna Novom, Anna Griffis, Laura Jeppesen, Emily Walhout, violin consort

Simon Martyn-Ellis & Daniel Zuluaga, vihuela

Jonathan Hess, percussion

Ken Pierce & Camilla Finlay, dancers

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