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Mar 1

PRICE: Buy in advance and save: $65 Preferred / $32 General / $27 Senior (General) / $10 (Student (General) At the door: $68 / $35 / $30 / $10 (Under 18 admitted free)

TIME: 07:30 pm



Our Ockeghem@600 series continues with a program of sacred music based on secular song, featuring Ockeghem’s song Fors seullement and his own Mass based on it, as well as Binchois’s Je ne vis onques la pareille and pieces that quote it by Agricola and Ghiselin. 

Program Book

Johannes Ockeghem: Fors seullement l’attente, Fors seullement contre ce, Missa Fors seullement

Pierre de la Rue: Maria mater gratie / Fors seullement

Matthaeus Pipelare: Fors seulement

Gilles Binchois: Je ne vis onques la pareille

Alexander Agricola: Credo Je ne vis onques II

Johannes Ghiselin: Salve regina

Doors and box office open at 7:00 PM

Blue Heron

Megan Chartrand, Martin Near, Owen McIntosh, Jason McStoots, Sumner Thompson, Paul Guttry, David McFerrin, Steven Hrycelak, voices

Scott Metcalfe, Music Director

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